Content Strategist / Writer

Job Description
The flourishing world of digital marketing is always searching for the next big thing. A random figment of your imagination could end up becoming the largest campaign idea ever, depending on how different your ability to perceive and create is. With digital marketing agencies constantly scrounging for new talents, new ideas and new perspectives, the competition is stiff, making content the most important element of any digital marketing company. We are Kreativ Street are looking for some great folks for the role of content strategist/writers.

Roles and Responsibilities:
• Understanding the brand that you are working on. It includes understanding their business, objectives, brand identity, tonality, etc.
• Extensive market research and understanding pertaining to the brand that you are working on
• Ability to develop content strategy aimed at achieving client’s objectives
• Create content for different platforms/channels
• Working with the design and strategy team to come up with creative ideas for campaigns, blogs etc.
• Proofreading, ensuring the web page/blog content is edited properly to enhance readability

What are we looking for in a Kreativ Content Writer?
• 0-3 years of experience as a content writer/editor
• A thorough idea of different writing styles and tones, while having a unique personal style
• A fair understanding of brands to breed synchronized ideas

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