Paid Media Strategy


Paid marketing strategies are a great way to boost an existing online presence. How, when and where customers search is the critical insight needed to deliver the personalized digital experience customers desire and which ultimately drive them to convert. Paid online marketing is the fastest way to achieve cost effectivestrategies and pay per click campaigns. Our paid marketing channels and search engine marketing is not limited to Google PPC campaigns and Bing PPC campaigns. Paid search marketing greatly influences search engine marketing & optimization strategies and campaigns, using SEO friendly content and paid digital marketing (Facebook ads etc)to target the right audience and drive conversions toyour business website or any other destination of your choice.

After researching the scope of work, managing the program strategy, and determining the ROI, Kreativ Street executes a paid online marketing strategy with your end goal in mind. Our performance and online marketing techniques are rooted in our innate understanding of online behavior.By combining SEO friendly content with a cost effective paid online marketing strategy, we ensure maximum ROI and paid social marketing that positively affects your brand reputation. For anything related to your paid search marketing needs, Kreativ Street is where you should look. Our bouquet of paid online marketing services includes App Marketing, Remarketing, Display Marketing, and Rich Media Marketing.

SEM Services from the Street: