AR, VR, MR and Bots.


Kreativ Street sees today as an era of tech, tech which is easily accessible and is revolutionising the way people learn, socialise, communicate and work. Because of technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and AI/AH bots—opportunities have arisen for brands to provide a varied set of experiences to its customer base. We’re experts in building such experiences that help brands interact with users in true 21st-century fashion.

Our experts develop software across these verticals with extreme caution, stringently focusing on that fact that each experience should add actual value to the user’s life. With the help of these technologies and our in-house team, Kreativ Street is able to provide hassle-free and immersive experiences to a brand’s customer base.

Why Us?

Kreativ Street developers build chatbots and AI assistants that let users converse with a brand in an organic manner. These bots are built to be easily deployed across all platforms such as FB, websites, mobile and messaging applications etc. Our developers also work on improving the workings of the back-end systems of the bot. So that users experience personalised interactions every time they visit.

Based on the way they’re deployed; Advanced Help Bots have the ability to either ruin brand image or gain new customers. We know the way to achieve the latter by following a simple set of rules such as a bot should never ask too many questions; a bot should make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for and the fact that the bot should be aware of its capabilities and not try to overextend them.

Experts at Kreativ Street also use machine learning tools so that the bot can accurately pinpoint user intent and provide the easiest way for them to fill in the required information. Our creative team works on developing messages and simple visuals that enable a rich and satisfying experience to all users.

Kreativ Street holds expertise in creating Virtual Reality apps to be used for multiple purposes. Our developers help brands inspire higher reader engagement with the help of 3D models and also have the capabilities to integrate Virtual Reality into already-existing mobile app that help reimagine a user’s experiences. Our VR team can also help brands give in-depth presentations of their products and projects with the help of 360 Degree videos.

Our Augmented Reality services include services such as development of AI software, image & location based mobile app development and AR game development. Kreativ street always focuses on creating innovate experiences that provide deep on-the-go immersion to consumers.

As newer and newer tech is launched every day, Kreativ Street dives deeper into the realms of experiential marketing. And we aren’t afraid of innovating and trying all possibilities to help our clients engage customers in ways never thought of before.

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