PPC + Display Marketing .


A detailed understanding of Google’s “contextual targeting” and “sponsored listing” tools helps the experts at Kreativ Street form a comprehensible PPC & Display Advertising strategy. The team lays out a comprehensive design and communication plan that begins with identification of executional goals and ends with high click-throughs.

Because of such thorough execution and in-house experienced professionals, Kreativ Street is able to reach a brand’s target users and increase traffic at a rapid rate. Thus, increasing the brand’s online presence and revenues.

Why Us?

PPC + Display advertising is a perfect meeting point of quantitative and qualitative execution. At Kreativ Street, the quantitative part—researching relevant keywords, bidding, targeting etc—is perfectly aligned with qualitative aspects such as search ad-copy, banner design and overall campaign integration.

Bidding on AdWords auctions isn’t as smooth as it may seem at the first glance. Especially as competitive keywords cost more than niche keywords. Our AdWords team analyses these fluctuations and invests the Brand’s budget in a calculated fashion. Emphasising on the keywords that have higher chances of generating sales and increasing ROI. To balance the cost-per-click and conversion rates, Kreativ Street also builds persuasive landing pages that leave a solid first impression of a Brand’s products.

Kreativ Street believes that to get the result desired, identification of clear and quantifiable goals is necessary. Based on these goals, our team executes a strategy optimised for maximum effectiveness, selecting only brand-specific keywords and banner placements.

Unless the ask is for something specific; our team of copywriters, designers and visualisers believe in creating straightforward communication that helps with optimization. At least two Search Ads are created for each communication so that A/B testing can be conducted for further optimisation. Just like the communication, the quantifiable results such as CTR, CPC, CPI etc are constantly evaluated and efforts are taken to optimise results as per the budget.

Kreativ Street takes care of all the verticals of Display Advertising—the online versions of billboards—straight from copy, photos, design. All in order to create highly appealing content. The Brand Strategists also create a logo that perfectly captures a brand’s core philosophy, belief and offerings.

We believe in tailor-making ads as per the websites we’re showcasing the ads on to try and get maximum click-throughs, always aiming to stay above the industry average.

The professionals at Kreativ Street have experience in executing PPC + Display Ads strategies for a wide range of brands from multiple sectors of business. That is why they’re always able to build highly optimised campaigns that get the maximum conversions.

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