Video Conceptualization & Production.


Kreativ Street believes in not just showcasing products via video, but presenting an interesting story to a brand’s Target Audience. Our specialists get together to create visual storytelling that accurately emulates the emotion required to compel viewers, while still being easy enough to understand. The storytellers at Kreativ Street believe in the philosophy of ‘Show, Don’t Tell’. Meaning we don’t ‘tell’ the product’s features. Instead, we show the benefits of buying into the brand. This philosophy helps us differentiate our work and create visuals that are memorable, engaging and impactful.

Our video services include promos, explainer animation, customer testimonial videos, training videos, television commercials and more.

Why Us?

The specialists at Kreativ Street work in close collaboration with clients to perfectly align their creations with those of the brand. Our team has the experience required to undertake the creation of all kinds of visuals, and choose the format based on the client’s goals and specifications.

If the objective of the video is to be educational, the team creates flawless videos by choosing formats such as whiteboard animation or cartoon-like motion graphics, both of which transform hard-to-explain concepts into easy-to-understand and crisp communication.

Exactly like the aforementioned example, our team can deliver all kinds of formats as per the need of the hour. Such as Screen Casting to explain the workings of a product or service; 2D animation to attract viewers; Motion Graphics to convey complex B2B communication; Live action shorts for advertising spots on digital and non-digital platforms.

During identification of format, the conceptualisers at Kreativ Street have detailed discussions to understand the product, brand, message and target audience. This helps us lay out the roadmap to achieve the desired results.

Our team works in collaboration with the clients in every step of the video production process to ensure alignment with the brand. The scriptwriters write a compelling narrative that resonates with the brand and the target audience. The narrative in the script becomes the basis for the storyboarding of the video.

The completed first draft of the video is shared with the client. Feedback, if any, is incorporated and the final version is delivered. Here onwards, the experts at Kreativ Street work with the client and strategize the promotional activities required to get maximum views. Yet, keeping in mind that the video be viewed by its intended audience.

This detailed process also includes video optimisation for online streaming and social plugins, which ensures an enhanced user experience and engagement. Thus, every video created by Kreativ Street creates gets viewers, creates impact and generates the desired results.

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